Keeping your hands sanitized is fine, but are you keeping your sanitizer bottle safe?

Study says that Covid 19 virus can live up to 3 days on a plastic material, how are you planning to keep your sanitizer container virus free?

Use our dispenser stands to help break the chain, below are the three categories we cater:-


Foot operated sanitizer stand

Wood hand sanitizer stand

Automatic dispenser

Hand sanitizer stand

“Foot Operated Sanitizer stand”

Our sanitizer stand with all size dispenser holder makes it hands free, where you can pedal the stand to sanitize your hand, without touching the hand sanitizer.

Height of stand is 1 Mtr Long

Weight of stand is 4.5kg

Colour of stand is White

Hand sanitizer stand made of wood and CPVC pipe

Strong UPVC/CPVC Pipe + Wooden Stand with clear instructions on how to use

Looks bold,durable and eye catching.

Contactless automatic dispenser

Automatic dispenser (700 ml)

Contactless dispenser, wall mounted providing complete Hygiene


Grab your hands with our new combo offer :

Sanitizer stand with 5ltr hand sanitizer

5lts hand sanitizer with sanitizer stand at just

Hand sanitizer stand made of wood and CPVC pipe with 5ltr hand sanitizer

5ltr hand sanitizer with wooden sanitizer stand

Automatic dispenser with 5ltr hand sanitizer

5 ltr hand sanitizer with Automatic dispenser

Have a look on our demo video to how the hand sanitizer stand can be used at various public places:


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Government Establishments

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Shopping Malls

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Got Queries?

Get your stand for hand sanitizer dispenser by contacting to details below:

Call now: Nehal - +91-6363250328


We also take bulk orders on hand sanitizer stands and hand sanitizers. We have three categories in our sanitizer dispensers which according to your budget and comfort can be placed at the entrance of any vicinity. We have created this product to fight with Covid-19, let’s take 100% precautions and return back to normalcy. For a bulk order price list, you can contact us on the provided details.

With the increasing number of cases in our country day by day, things will only become worse. To bring back businesses to normalcy and break down the fear of coming out to shop, these dispenser stands are very necessary. We also request all the businesses/ SMEs to maintain and follow all the precautions to reduce or break the chain.